Metaverse of metaverse

Legendaryum. The First 3d/vr Hyper Realistic Metaverse

Brands, companies and users will be able to socialize, create new businesses and enjoy entertainment, creating their own experiences and obtaining an unprecedented experience: VIRTUAL PRESENCE.

The Legenders will enjoy in Horizons city an immersive experience in a dream place without limits, made up of various themed islands with a variety of attractions: corporate buildings, educational centers, commercial spaces and businesses for brands, socialization, entertainment and much more.

B2B & B2C

Business models Legendaryum 3.0

Real Estate 3.0

Create your estate portfolio of virtual properties, generate profits for buying, renting or leasing: private islands, lands, stores, offices and training centers.

E-commerce 3.0

Acquire your commercial store, design your look & feel, enhance your brand, generate international visibility to market your products and services, reaching thousands of users.

Corporate offices 3.0

Hold board and team meetings without geographical limits, present your projects, graphs and reports; Also receive your customers to offer them your products and services.

Education 3.0

Create your training center with global reach, where you can offer classes in hundreds of specializations, masterclasses, presentations and conferences.

"We do not sell services, we have simply created the revolution of virtual presence".


Events 3.0

Participate and enjoy all kinds of international events, musical concerts, theater, cinema, sporting events, TED talks, interviews and press conferences.

Gaming 3.0

Spend free time, have fun and earn money, being able to meet new people, socialize and invite your friends.

Marketing 3.0

Design your own global marketing campaign linking the real world with the metaverse, managing to internationalize your brand and boost the sale of your products and services.

Hall of fame 3.0

Enjoy an incredible journey through the best moments of sports, music and entertainment legends, being able to acquire their iconic moments in NFT format that will leave a mark on future generations..



Create youre avatar and start the aventure

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Enter your data, create your avatar and select your topics of interest.

LEGENDER: User or Brand

Now you can buy your virtual land to create your e-commerce 3.0 or your own social experience.

Customize your virtual environment

Select your design, customize it and start living your 3.0 experience.

The Highest Quality and Hyperrealism

Brands and users creating a global ecosystem through an unprecedented web3 experience.

Buy your virtual land

You can create your own e-commerce 3.0, social experience or whatever you want. Choose by area and surface.

Use or rent

Evolve to web3, create new businesses and monetize or earn money by renting to another brand

Legendaryum Marketplace

Offer your products or services to increase reach, you will be able to charge with multiple payment methods and a new global customer target.

Marketing Campaigns

You will be able to expand your brand, in the metaverse as in the real world, creating customized advertising campaigns that will reach thousands of users.


Create and live your experience

Hiper-realistics environments
Standard or customized for meetings, learning, presentations or events.
Hyperrealistic and full body with movements.
Multidevice 2
Multi-device web access
PC, Mobile, Tablet and VR glasses.
360° spatial sound
Simultaneous participants interacting in all environments.
Extra modules
Possibility of adding extra modules and increasing the capacity of participants.
Management platform
Profile assignment, generation of rooms, recurring users, guests, avatars and content.
360º Business
Link on your website and social networks, a direct access to your store or virtual space in Legendaryum.
Public or private conversations.
Possibility to move freely and sit in the assigned spaces.
Real time communications
Possibility to speak, listen, mute attendees and share video camera.
Online presentations
Multimedia files (videos, Power Point, Excel, Word, PDF)

Our way


- Legal constitution

- Product definition

- Team building

- Whitepaper

- Smart contract

- Web site

- Presales module


- Marketplace V1

- MVP definitions

- Commercial agreements

- Social networking

- Mkt campaigns: top mkt crypto agency

- Metaverse core

engine v1

- Coinmarketcap listing

- Coingecko listing


- Whitelist

- Early adopters pre-sales

- Beta Metaverse

- Horizons City design

- Andres Iniesta NFT collection by Legendaryum

- Metaverse core

engine v2

    - Certik auditory


- Virtual environments dev.

- B2B metaverse development

- First Legend announcements

- Marketplace development

- Commercial agreements

- Launchpads & VC

- Listing CEX / DEX


- New Virtual environments

- Metaverse core

engine v3

- B2C metaverse development

- Gaming

- Staking platform

- Streaming platform

- Commercial agreements

- Legend wallet dev.


- Metaverse dev.

- New futures & capabilities

- New business models

- New gamings

- Strategic business alliances

- Commercial agreements with brands and stores


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